Jul 11, 2013

From giant letters to bacon sweets, State Fair is fun for all

New sweets at State Fair want to make you bring home the bacon.

     SACRMENTO, CA—As Disney’s California Adventure Vice President, Mary Nivens helps
Mary Nivens
kick off this year’s first ever dedication of its letters to the fair, she states, “California is a state of mind.” 

     Supposing you’re a native or a transplant, the point is that California’s influence is a powerful one. Take the food for one: As ever, the State fair is featuring some of the most mouthwatering, take-a-few-laps-around-the-fairgrounds-type food. 
     The Cheesy Bacon Bombs makes their first ever appearance. The Bacon Habit features a smorgasbord of Bacon items including Chocolate Covered Bacon, Beer Battered Bacon, and- get this- Bacon Wrapped Cheesecake. I had the privilege of tasting all four in the search to grow more impartial to the bacon fad.
     Survey says? Hands down, The Bacon Habit is a winner. As a person who is very selective about food choices, this one takes the cake. Out of the four, the Cheesy Bacon Bombs were my personal favorite. This one features pepper jack cheese covered in dough then wrapped in bacon, perfect for finger foods. 

Bacon Cheese Cake...
     The Bacon Habit has officially been established for three years. Originally founded by Nathan Vandewarker, he has been around the fair scene since high school. Now, he and his wife Amber have been facilitating its journey since hard times hit in 2008, Amber noted, “Once the recession hit, we were experimenting with more recipes.” Et-voila. Check them out in front of this year’s Kid’s Zone from throughout the fair or at Facebook.com/TheBaconHabit - SacLatino

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