SacLatino Magazine
The Valley’s only well read online/print magazine about Latinos...SacLatino Magazine is a nonpartisan online/print publication about Latinos and critical issues that are shaping California’s future.  The content makes each monthly issue a keeper and is well read among the thousands of readers now reached through our website, email, social media, and sharing. 

Here’s what Publisher Adrian Perez wants you to know about Saclatino Magazine:  “This unique publication brings attention to big issues, separating what is important from what is not.  It explains confusing and misleading information about the Latino market and each related issue into factual knowledge.  And, it provides a wealth of thought provoking topics in exceptionally well written articles and illustrations. “

The Weekly Focus
The Weekly Focus is an online newsletter published every Thursday and distributed via email and social media to Professionals and Entrepreneurs.  Designed as an easy to read publication filled with articles, facts, and information to help Professionals and Entrepreneurs expand their market share, adjust their business plans, or expand their business.  Visit the Weekly Focus website for more information.

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