Sep 25, 2013

Sacramento's first Mexican sister city: Mexicali

     SACRAMENTO, CA- Consul General of Mexico in Sacramento, Carlos Gutierrez, and Municipal President of Mexicali, Francisco Perez Tejeda joined together with the City of Sacramento Tuesday to establish a Sister City relationship with Mexicali, Baja California. Mexicali is its 11th Sister City, but its first in Mexico.

Consul General of Mexico, Carlos Gutierrez
     Strong ties requires a domestic and foreign city to develop over time before endorsing a Sister City relationship. In this case, according to Sacramento, it is the program of Bayside Church where 15 years of sending more than 6,000 of its members to build homes, feed the impoverished, and provide other services. 

Municipal President of Mexicali
Francisco Perez Tejeda
     A reception prior to its City Council meeting, Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby of District 1 made introductions of the Consul General and Mexicali's delegation: Assembly Member of Baja California, Dip David Perez Tejeda, President of the industrial Development Commission of Mexicali, and Director of the Convention and Tourism Committee in Mexicali, Omar Dipp Nunes.

     During its City Council Meeting, Mayor Kevin Johnson and Members of City Council voted unanimously yes for the resolution to pass. Creating the relationship with Mexicali, according to the resolution, "Will enhance the ties that already the areas of culture, commerce, tourism, education, social assistance, development and planning exchanges..." Approximately 249,000 people of Mexican origin exist in Sacramento County today.
Mayor Johnson and Members of City
with Consul General of Mexico and Mexicali Delegation

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