Jul 2, 2014

Latest Census: Latino population not the fastest growing, but are increasing

 White non-Hispanic population is older at 42.9 years, while Hispanics are 30.5 years.

Asian Americans were the fastest-growing minority group in the US last year for the second consecutive year, details the Census Bureau in newly-released estimates. Indeed, Asian Americans matched their growth rate from the year before, with the Asian population growing by 2.9% to 19.4 million. The Hispanic population grew by a relatively smaller 2.1%, but to a much larger 54.1 million. Indeed, Hispanics accounted for 17.1% of the population as of July 2013.

Much as with last year, the primary drivers of population growth for Hispanics and Asians differed. More than three-quarters of Hispanics’ population growth was the result of natural increase (births minus deaths), while 61% of Asian population growth was due to international migration.

Other race or ethnic groups also grew in 2013:

  • The black or African-American population grew by 1.2% to 45 million;
  • The number of American Indians and Alaska Natives increased by 1.5% to slightly more than 6.4 million; and
  • The Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders population grew by 2.3% to slightly more than 1.4 million.
As a result of those figures, the US’ minority population climbed to 118.3 million people, accounting for 37.4% of the total population.

The non-Hispanic white-alone population was the only to have more deaths than births between 2012 and 2013. That population is much older than the minority population; the median age of the minority population was 30.5 years, while it was 42.9 years for the non-Hispanic white-along population.
Other Findings:

  • California housed the most Hispanics of any state as of July 1, 2013, at 14.7 million. It also had the largest Asian population, at 6.1 million.
  • New York had the largest black or African-American population, at 3.7 million.

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