Jul 22, 2014

TOP Ten reasons Obama should not be deporting kids

Editor's note:  This is perhaps the best editorial regarding America's position on the deportation of kids.

By Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez

10. The Bible says children are not supposed to suffer for the sins of their parents.

9. USA wants to maintain Little League worldwide supremacy.

8. USA spends trillions bombing people of color into the stone age, but some money to saves lives may be a good thing.

7. If they were Canadian there would be parades, record deals and scholarships.

6. These kids are victims of American fueled drug addiction.

5. Any country that allows adults to hold kids at gunpoint is spiritually bankrupt.

4. Realistically, if one came here before 16 they didn't come to steal jobs maybe just lunches.

3. Love covers a multitude of sins.

2. Obama says it is the right thing to do, conservatives say it is the left thing to do, America says kids should not be a political football.

1. Can't blame the kids for a world us grown-ups ruined. Their job is to someday fix it.

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